1964 Morley decides to leave farming behind to launch Morley Annear Limited a regional carrier.

1991 Morley opens his first terminal in Brudenell, PE moving its operation from his home in Montague, PE.

1991 Scott & Brian Annear follow in their father's footsteps. However, it's with the launching of their farm operation. Today it's one of the largest in the region and has become successful under the management of Brian Annear.

1992 - Morley Annear partners with railway to bulk ship product off the island along with utilizing his every growing fleet of both reefers and dry vans.

1995 Throughout the 90's Jean continues to manage the administration side of the business allowing Morley to focus on the operational side and the growth of the business.

1998 Scott Annear leaves the day to day operation of the farm to join his parents in the transportation business.

2002 Scott succeeds his father and takes over as General Manager and day to day operating of Morley Annear Limited while Morley takes on a more .

2010 A major fire destroys Morley Annear Limited assets but not their spirit. A more difficult challenge a business could not find. The entire team and community join forces to rebuild one of the community's largest employers.

2011 Morley Annear Limited launches its new facility. It has been designed to carry them into future with the ability to grow and diversify their already wide range of capabilities.

2012 Has seen the company upgrade to a state of the art software package that will take them into the new year to fully implement. It will allow them the capability to compete on the national and international stage while providing the clients with access to a broader range of tools and resources.

2013 Morley Annear Limited enters into an agreement with Penske to expand its fleet and once again become one of the islands largest. It also enhances our ongoing commitment to operate a fleet that is fuel efficient and eco friendly by utilizing the most advanced technology available to carriers today.

2014 - Celebrating our 50 th year! Morley Annear Limited has expanded the business once again by added 5 more trucks and hired 3 new brokers, looking to expand further.  The snow removal business has also expanded to include Georgetown, with a snowplow operator right in Georgetown.

2016 Scott Annear receives 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award, for his efforts in the community and his outstanding role in Prince Edward Island's Trucking community. As well, Nick Sheppard moves from a long-haul driver into a dispatching position for the trucks.