Live bottom trailers are a semi-trailer which is commonly used by construction suppliers to haul loose materials such as sand, gravel, grain, asphalt and potatoes. They are actually a good alternative to a dump truck or end dump trailer.

Besides the above mentioned materials, a live bottom trailer can also haul out other products such as top soil, carrots, lime, peat moss, compost, and other aggregates.

All live bottom trailers comes with a conveyor belt found at the bottom of the trailer tub. The conveyor belt pushes the material out of the back of the trailer at a controlled speed, which is unlike the traditional dump truck. In conventional dump trucks, the tubs have to be raised to pour out the materials from their back. Because the live bottom trailer does not need to be raised in the air to haul out the materials, it does not have the roll over. Instead, it has the lower centre of gravity, making it easy to unload the materials even in uneven areas. In conventional trailers, however, the materials cannot be unloaded unless the trailer is on a level ground.

In addition, the conventional dump trailers have an over head wire, which makes it dangerous during the unloading of materials. In a live bottom, wires are not a problem because the tub does not have to be elevated for unloading. And the trailers can work anywhere that they can drive onto.

If the areas where the materials are to be dumped are under the bridges and confined places, using a live bottom is excellent compared to a dump truck.